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    Name: Aureliano Brice;
    Gender: Male
    WebSite: Data Utopia ~ datawm.cn
    Email: ye@datawm.cn
    Twitter: @Brice20201

    Bachelor of Management, Anhui University of Finance and Economics
    Master of Software Engineering, Hunan University
    Ph. D ,   Major: Electronic Commerce, Hefei University of Technology

    Lecturer: Business School, Hunan University of Science and Technology, Hunan Xiangtan;
    Data Analyst: Alibaba Group, Business Intelligence-Data Science, Zhejiang Hangzhou;
    Post Ph. D: Alibaba Group, Zhejiang Hangzhou;
    CTO: Data Civilization Guangdong Technology Co., Ltd. Guandong Guanzhou;
    Head Of Department: Andunip.com, Big Data Center, Guandong Shenzhen;

    Travel and reading

    Download: Resources and Documents
    shu Chat
    Jupyter Lab

    Demo: Django-based e-commerce system
    Demo: e-commerce system base on Node.js and MongoDB

    Freshly released: The Research Report on business model of Data-Transaction (summary version)
    Research on the Personalized Presentation Method of Product on the Web(Please contact us for the password)
    Three-page outline of big data and artificial intelligence

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